I know this should probably have been my first blog-thingy but I totes forgot and now by popular demand and a lot of nagging from my cousin, Giovannie, and his boyfriend, Stephan, here they are. My Christmas holiday that I spent in Alicante, Spain. Well the super awesome hotel at least.

my room

so this was my room. I didn’t sleep at all, tv, wifi I mean… who could?

Aunt camilla's bdae

This is the table we set up for Aunt Camilla’s birthday. She’s Giovannie’s mom.

gio's room

This was Giovannie’s room. It looked sexier than mine 😡


This masterpiece right here was the breakfast hall and damn was the food crazeeeeeeeeeeeeeSmile with tongue out

happy bdea aunt camilla. spa day for all!!!!

We all took advantage of Aunt Camilla’s B-day to have  free spa day >:)


This was the pool, well on of. it was heated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All our other meals we had here. Super cool view of the sea.


The sanarium

shower hour

My bathroom. SICKNESSSSS!!!!!!!Smile with tongue out Showers in here were like heaven.

view form gio's room

View from my balcony which was conveniently outside my bathroom…

view from mom's room

View of Alicante and the beach from my parent’s room. My view is still better…

mom and dad's anniversary table

This was the romantic dinner my sisters and I planned for my parents’ wedding anniversary


Finally we went to Paris for new year and here are pics of the Louvre at night


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